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Thermal Imaging of the Lil Timber Patio Heater vs a propane patio heater

The Only Outdoor Heater Thats Keeps You Warm From Head To Toe

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This is an awesome outdoor heater! We’ve tried fire pits of all kinds and even a pellet fire ring, but this has by far been the best choice of all. Puts out great heat for our patio area and the kids and neighbors are just mesmerized by the flames”

– George A.

Why Use Wood Pellets?



Pellets can pack up to 9,000 BTU’s per lb. Timber Heaters generate 2X the heat vs propane.



$5 dollars of fuels equals 4 hours of burn time – about 1/2 the operating cost vs propane.



Wood Pellets are an industrial by-product of the saw mill industry and have a small carbon footprint.

How It Works

The gravity feed system replenishes the fire with new fuel without the need of electricity.

The gravity feed system of a wood pellet patio heater

The draft system utilizes the venturi effect to create a vacuum inside the firebox.

The draft system of a wood pellet patio heater