Big Timber | Revere Edition

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90,000 BTU Free Standing Outdoor Heater

  • Full Stainless Exterior
  • 12 Ft Heating radius
  • Virtually No Smoke
  • Non-Electric and Portable
  • Safe Enclosed Flame
  • Made in the Pacific Northwest
  • Wt. 75 Lbs | Dim. 18 x 22 x 84″

Ships In approximately 2 Weeks




The Stainless Steel Patina

Heating the steel initiates a chemical reaction between iron and oxygen that creates a thin oxide layer on the metal. From the very first burn, this stove will begin to change colors. Gold, Purble, Blue, and Green will continue develop on the firebox and pipe the more the heater is used.

About Our Patio Heater

Thermal comparison of a Big Timber Patio heater versus a propane outdoor heater

This is an American Made wood pellet patio heater that will keep you warm from head to toe. The Big’ Timber Master Series is designed not only to produce radiant heat, but to provide a beautiful fire for family and friends to watch. Requiring no electricity, this heater’s flame is powered only by gravity and the draft created from the stove pipe. Using wood pellets as a low carbon alternative fuel just makes sense when compared to the high price and inefficiency of propane. Pellets run at a quarter of the operating cost, while producing twice the amount of BTU’s.

Key Features


3 Sided Fire Viewing

Includes 3 5 x 13″ high temp glass panels so everyone can enjoy the fire

2.5 Hour Burn Time

25 lb hopper that can be refilled during operation


450 Sq. Ft. Heating Radius

The biggest advantage of radiant wood fire
The Big Timber patio heater warming a family

Easy Shut Off Key

Stop or start your heater at any time

Temperature Control

Use the damper dial to lower or raise temps by 250°

Full Stainless Exterior

Everything but the internal components is stainless steel.


Easy Shut Off Key

Stop or start your heater at any time

Temperature Control

Use the damper dial to lower or raise temps by 250°

Full Stainless Exterior

Everything but the internal components is stainless steel.

Meditation in front of a wood pellet patio heater


9 reviews for Big Timber | Revere Edition

  1. Dean Snyder

    Possibly the first product I’ve ever written a review for! Not kidding!

    Absolutely thrilled with the Big Timber Revere Edition. When it arrived we knew it was something special. The box was labeled which way was UP, had stickers about being fragile and being MADE IN THE USE. Unpacking the product we quickly realized this stuff was high quality and time went into the packaging to ensure safe delivery. (My father in law stood over my shoulder. He’s an engineering guy who a) criticizes everything manufactured nowadays and b) is VERY smart when it comes to mechanics and builds. He was OVERLY IMPRESSED!)

    The build of our stove was simple. Fired right up on first use, and candidly we use it every single night here in Oregon. We ran it when we had the recent ice storms and mid 20-degree nights. This thing is awesome! We’re used to traditional stand up propane heaters (which burn the top of your head while your feet are always cold.) This stove heats up our deck nicely (we’re 12’x24′ but in full transparency we have Coolaro curtains that come down and plantation shutters that close off 24′ length of the deck so were a little spoiled but YES this thing warms the place up.) Sat outside last night at 40-degrees outside with only jeans and a t-shirt.

    Now that we’ve been running for three weeks, the stove is getting the coolest looking patina and coloring. I keep the spark arrester screens clean, and use a soft cloth to wipe down the inside of the glass when need be.

    I had a spot where the material (it’s some kind of fireproof fabric material that the front glass sits in) started to come a little lose and begin to peel back from the glass. Emailed the crew at Timber Stoves and no questions asked, they had a new strip of that material shipped to my house in two days.

    Like I said. My wife and I do NOT write reviews, but this thing is so well made and so impressive we couldn’t resist. (Everyone in my family is jealous and they all want one too hahaha).

  2. Gerald Meyer

    Love the look and heat it gives off.

  3. Joseph B.

    We received our big timber about 2 weeks ago. I almost never write reviews, but absolutely had to for this product. My wife and I are absolutely pleased in every way with it. Every single part of it is of highly quality material-everything. Putting it together was satisfying – seeing each piece, and how well made it is-It’s of commercial or industrial quality. I love to just look at it! We’ve used it twice so far and its quality is matched by its performance. Really puts out nice heat and we haven’t even been able to find the best pellets yet! I considered other pellet products that cost about half as much, and read how they rusted or the hopper didn’t feed correctly-at twice the price this product IS STILL A BARGAIN! AND we were torn about getting the cover-thought maybe a tarp would do just as well, and even the cover is top notch! Glad we got that too! I’ve been burned so often with high priced garbage, and am glad that for once I got something truly worth the money!

  4. William Denton

    It’s a little expensive, I have had trouble keeping the pellets left in the unit fry.

  5. Jonathan Heinrich

    Our original big timber seemed to be better packaged and arrived with less scratches and scuffs. Mind you, it was a painted vs shiny stainless so that may be part of the issue. We love our stove(s) aside from the pellet grate melting and needing replacement in 1yr of use we are extremely pleased.

  6. Keith Glover

    Except in the most awful, cold, Boston deep winter weather, our Timber Stove keeps us cozy and warm. We enjoy siting outside through late fall, early winter and early spring. Even with light snow falling. We love it. It made the dark days of Covid bearable so we could visit with friends and family

  7. Ronald W.

    I have only used it twice since receiving it, but I love the heat output and the patina on the Stainless Steel. It looks great on my patio, its easy to load, easy to clean, and puts out great heat while using only a small amount of fuel

  8. Brian M.

    The Stainless Steel looks amazing and will last a lifetime!

  9. Ben Martin

    This is the number one conversation piece of our back patio! Whenever we have guests they are amazed by it. We are more than happy with our purchase.

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