The Traeger Family

A Wood Pellet Fired Tradition


“I grew up in the old Traeger barn and watched my family build an amazing product that is the wood pellet barbecue. The family business that was built on faith, hard work, and relationships with its customers. Timber Stoves is an American made business that is committed to these very same principles.”

What led Tyson to design a wood pellet patio heater? His greatest foe: cold hands. As an avid outdoorsmen and participant in athletics throughout his teenage years, Tyson has dealt with his fair share of cold rainy days in Oregon.

For the Traeger’s, playing American football is a tradition. Many of the Traeger boys have  played and coached at John. F. Kennedy High School in Mt. Angel, home of the Trojans. With his father Randy as his coach, and his uncles a legacy of standout athletes, Tyson always did his best to make them proud and placed great importance on the game.

As summer would fade away and cooler temperatures would arrive with the climax of the football season, his nemesis would arrive too. Cold hands would cripple his throwing ability as a quarterback. This began his search for a way to keep his hands from freezing up when out in the elements. The solution at that time: a bucket of hot water on the sidelines.

The mission of Wood Pellet Products has always been to create an effective and efficient outdoor heating system. The Timber Heater is the result of an absolute commitment to this mission. From the football field to the barn, Tyson has employed his experiences and knowledge to develop a practical product that solves a real-world problem.

It’s safe to say that behind all great products is a great story. The Timber Heater’s story is based on tradition and a passion for innovation. Wood Pellet Products is dedicated to continuing the Traeger family tradition of building innovative heating and cooking solutions. Follow our story and see the latest in product development by joining our newsletter below.