Big Timber® Patio Heater

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$1,349.00 $1,214.10

90,000 BTU Free Standing Outdoor Heater

  • 12 Ft Heating radius
  • Virtually No Smoke
  • Non-Electric And Portable
  • Safe Enclosed Flame
  • Made in the Pacific Northwest
  • Wt. 82 Lbs | Dim. 11 x 20 x 84″

4-6 Week Lead Time

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About Our Patio Heater

Thermal comparison of a Big Timber Patio heater versus a propane outdoor heater
This is an American Made wood pellet patio heater that will keep you warm from head to toe. The Big’ Timber is designed not only to produce radiant heat, but to provide a beautiful fire for family and friends to watch. Requiring no electricity, this heater’s flame is powered only by gravity and the draft created from the stove pipe. Using wood pellets as a low carbon alternative fuel just makes sense when compared to the high price and inefficiency of propane. Pellets run at a quarter of the operating cost, while producing twice the amount of BTU’s.

Key Features


3 Sided Fire Viewing

Includes 3 5 x 13″ high temp glass panels so everyone can enjoy the fire

3 Hour Burn Time

30 lb hopper that can be refilled during operation

450 Sq. Ft. Heating Radius

The biggest advantage of radiant wood fire
The Big Timber patio heater warming a family

Easy Shut Off Key

Stop or start your heater at any time

Temperature Control

Use the damper dial to lower or raise temps by 250°

Stainless Components

Top reflector, stove pipe, base, and hardware

Easy Shut Off Key

Stop or start your heater at any time

Temperature Control

Use the damper dial to lower or raise temps by 250°

Stainless Components

Top reflector, stove pipe, base, and hardware
Meditation in front of a wood pellet patio heater

Made In America

A product you can be proud to own


10 reviews for Big Timber® Patio Heater

  1. Brian Davis

    Not only is this stove well put togeather, it is simple and economical to use. It puts out a lot of heat and looks great doing it. There is nothing I have found that compares

  2. Cole Altuzarra

    Besides being very well built & easy to put together this thing gives off a tremendous amount of heat. It’s not only great for staying warm but it’s also visually stimulating to watch the seemingly never ending source of heat that this heater puts out. All in all I am very satisfied with my purchase and look forward to staying warm. Thank you.

  3. Tim Dunayevich

    I just used this for the first time last night. And I love it. It is such a great product. Puts out AMAZING heat, looks so classy, and real fire is so much better than propane. The build quality is solid. It it a tank. I can move it by myself but it is heavy. I can easily see this lasting at least 10 years if you take care of it. I am looking forward to using it way more this year. Also, although it is heavy, it is easily portable so you can take it camping or to the beach or the lake. This is such a great product and I love that it is made local. I know it seems expensive but if you are at all interested take the plunge and you won’t be disappointed. Also, assembly is easy with their video on YouTube. There is no star system on this website but I would absolutely give it 5/5 stars. It is just such a great piece and talking point. There is no substitute for real fire.

  4. Tim

    I’ve used the Big Timber stove in my 15X18 foot wall tent for the past two seasons. The temperatures were in the single digits during one season and the tent remained comfortably warm the entire night. It’s extremely easy to light and burns consistently until morning and beyond. Solidly built and easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

  5. Troy

    This heater is amazing great product

  6. C Balda

    We have had our Big Timber for about 3 weeks now. We typically use it every 2-4 times a week. I can tell you, with 100% confidence, that if you’re considering purchasing this stove, you will not regret it!! After months of hesitation and consideration, this purchase is one of the best ever made!! We LOVE our Big Timber!!! First time we used it, it was 85 degrees at about 4ft away (it was 45 degrees outside). I am typically cold once temps hit 50-55 deg, but with our Big Timber I literally had to take off my coat and shoes cause I was so hot!
    Working withvthe company has been pleasing and they stand behind their product, 110%… as do I!!! 5 stars because there is no option for 10! <3

  7. David M

    I can’t think of another product that I would call perfect. The Big Timber is perfect. First it’s performance is exceptional. Second, it is easy to use and maintain. Third, it is extremely safe. I LOVE IT!!!!

  8. Robert Flaherty

    Fired my heater up my Little Timber today for the first time. Fantastic product! Creates a beautiful and satisfying fire without splitting a pile of wood. I love the control I have over the fire. It is simple to cut off the fuel to the fire and shut the grill down. A bag of pellets lasts for hours and cost a little over five dollars.

  9. Raj Makam

    Here is what I hope is a balanced review – apologies for the long format but I wanted to ensure that folks get the entire picture

    I ordered a Little Timber on their website but before I did that, spoke with somebody in customer service on ETA/etc. I was told it would ship in 2 weeks and that was perfect timing and so I went ahead with my order. But 2 weeks went by with no update which is when I called the company again. I believe Tyson Traeger (the owner) generally picks up the phone and it was the same this time around. Tyson said that they were running late with too many orders and they should/would hopefully ship soon. I understood but can’t say that I was that happy with the delay and chalked it up to obviously busy times. A week later I spoke with Tyson once again. Tyson was straightforward and direct. He said that my order of the Little Timber would take another 10 days and if I couldn’t wait, he would ship the Big Timber in a couple of days. Wait a sec! Ship a bigger unit in 2 days?? When asked what the difference in price was, he suggested that there would be no price difference and I would receive the Big Timber for the same price I paid for the Little Timber since the delay was their fault. I offered to pay more but Tyson refused – not sure what to say but Awesome and Thank you! These are times where customers are standing in line in order to purchase patio heaters and Tyson therefore didn’t have to do anything with my order but he took immediate accountability and responded quickly. I needed this heater on time since we were rganizing a couple of events in our backyard and it was important that guests were kept comfortable. I have since ordered multiple accessories and everything was shipped on time and very accurately but customer service couldn’t have been better. FANTASTIC is the best adjective to use here!

    Product Quality/Efficiency
    Based on the other reviews on this website/other places, it sure feels that most customers may be oldcomers in using pellet stoves/etc and I am an absolute novice. But at the end of the day, all that matters is whether the product works which is to keep folks warm. I purchased a Solo firepit (which apparently is one of the best of its type) and have tried multiple propane gas heaters and generally think of myself as one who has a high bar on performance expectations but also one who is greedy with his compliments. But in this case, I must say that this product is absolutely awesome. It works like a charm – heats up pretty fast, is very efficient and leaves very little ash even after a 6-7 hour usage. I have been using it over the last 3 weeks and have used it thus far on 40-44 deg days and one time at 50 deg F. In the latter case, I had to open up the dampers since it got too warm. ZERO hesitation in recommending this product for its advertised use which is to keep people warm! Clearly more expensive than a $150 propane heater but you absolutely get what you paid for! Everybody who has come by and seen this heater work wants one! And the fact that one can use $4-6 bags of pellets which are easy to store and use makes it that much better. Tyson had his team have clearly thought through every small detail and it is very emblematic of a high quality American made product. For example, even for a mundane heater cover that I purchased has a well thought of structure with a nice zip, tightening loops, etc. It is very clear to me that Tyson and his team have gone through a process of constant “evolution” by tweaking each thing in order to make it more efficient as opposed to making an assembly line product with no changes to the base version. The two wheels to “tilt and move” is a nice thought but I just purchased the four caster wheels to make it that much easier.

    Assembly + Things to improve upon
    Assembly was not easy mostly for two reasons – I am a novice and needed help but more importantly, the manual is not that good. The company leads you to a YouTube video but there is no sound for most of the video and it would have been great if somebody actually walked through assembly by explaining what they were doing. I chalk this up to a small company and these are incredibly busy times for them right now. In addition, it would also be great if they kept an electronic updated version of the manual on their website. For example, the instructions to increase the heat (by ensuring that the “fire plate” is fixed at the lower end of the range, keeping dampers closed after 10 minutes, using better BTU pellets, etc) are mentioned in a sheet of paper that came with the box and were mentioned almost as an after thought. If possible, I would request the company to have a better video for assembly with voiceover on what is being done. But like I said, I am a novice and others may not care as much!

  10. Scott Smith

    LOVE this thing! I got my Big Timber last week and immediately put it together and did the burn-in. I did watch the YouTube assembly video and after that the build was very easy/intuitive. Since then we have used it almost every night and found that I could be on the couch outside in front of it without a jacket at all with temps in the the mid 40s. The thing is a beast – extremely well built, throws a TON of heat and it is literally the talk of my neighborhood. It totally transformed my outdoor space.

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