Big Timber® Patio Heater

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90,000 BTU Free Standing Outdoor Heater

  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • 5″ x 12.125″ Viewing Windows
  • 20 lb. Hopper Capacity
  • 12 Ft Max Heating radius
  • Virtually No Smoke
  • Non-Electric and Portable
  • Safe Enclosed Flame
  • Made in the USA
  • Wt. 70 Lbs | Dim. 18 x 22 x 84″

Ships In approximately 1-3 Days

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With Elite Safety Cage


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With Elite Safety Cage


Cage Ships Separately | Current Lead Time 2 Weeks

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The New Stainless Steel Firepot lasts approximately twice as long as the original mild steel firepot. The sidewalls and rod are made from a special high temp stainless steel alloy designed to withstand temperatures up to 2100° Fahrenheit. Rated for 1000 hours of use before replacement.



Provides an additional 1.5 hours of burn time. The 12 lb hopper extension sets into the existing hopper and moves the hopper lid to the top of the new extension.

  • 20 gauge stainless steel
  • Compatible w/ all Timber Heater Hoppers



Make your Wood Pellet Patio Heater even more mobile with a set of Qty 4 casters. (2) Locking and (2) non locking casters.



Our Weighted Plate bolts to the bottom of the base for any of our heater models and provides extra stability in windy conditions. The plate ads an additional 30 lbs to the stove.

  • Can be used with casters.


About Our Patio Heater

Thermal comparison of a Big Timber Patio heater versus a propane outdoor heater
This is an American Made wood pellet patio heater that will keep you warm from head to toe. The Big’ Timber is designed not only to produce radiant heat, but to provide a beautiful fire for family and friends to watch. Requiring no electricity, this heater’s flame is powered only by gravity and the draft created from the stove pipe. Using wood pellets as a low carbon alternative fuel just makes sense when compared to the high price and inefficiency of propane. Pellets run at a quarter of the operating cost, while producing twice the amount of BTU’s.

Key Features


3 Sided Fire Viewing

5″ x 12″ glass panels so everyone can enjoy the fire


2 Hour Burn Time

20 lb hopper that can be refilled during operation


12 Ft. Max Heating Radius

The biggest advantage of radiant wood fire

The Big Timber patio heater warming a family

Easy Shut Off Key

Stop or start your heater at any time

Temperature Control

Use the damper dial to lower or raise temps by 250°

All Stainless

Every component is stainless except the firepot


Easy Shut Off Key

Stop or start your heater at any time

Temperature Control

Use the damper dial to lower or raise temps by 250°

All Stainless

Every component is stainless except the firepot

Meditation in front of a wood pellet patio heater

Made In America

A product you can be proud to own


38 reviews for Big Timber® Patio Heater

  1. Jason Graden

    I have to say that I really do love my heater(s)… I now have 2 Big Timber Elites (stainless). There was some issues with scratches when I received my first one, and this company went above and beyond to make things right. I can’t say enough about their efforts there, and I am a satisfied customer.

    This product has lived up to its hype. It really does put off a good amount of heat, will not burn your decking, and is just cool. The primary reason for purchasing was that that people who were sitting by the firepit were tired of smelling like smoke when they would come in the house. It truly is smokeless, and we do not smell like smoke anymore. (the firepit rarely gets used anymore).

    Overall I can’t say enough positive things about this company and their products. I am a huge fan!

  2. Jeff Giedt

    Since I WFH, my post-work routine of chilling outside with my dog is very valuable to me as a transition from work to home life. But late fall and winter is usually too cold to sit out. I had been eyeing fire pits and even bought a cheap one that used pellets, but it required so much attention during the burn and didn’t warm me enough. When I saw one of these stoves, I instantly knew I had to have one. It is absolutely amazing how this stove has improved my days, allowing me to enjoy being outside, watching the sunset and enjoying a good IPA comfortably despite the temps being in the 40s and 50s.

    At first, the price tag exceeded what I was comfortable spending. But the quality and stainless materials are clearly going to last me many, many years. I can’t speak highly enough of the design, build quality and service I’ve gotten from Timber Stoves. And since I live in the ‘burbs, buying heating pellets from the local hardware store is far more convenient than messing around with sourcing and stacking firewood.

    If you are on the fence, just do it! You will not regret it. This thing is amazing.

  3. Peter Juhren

    I have to say, irrespective of how great this heater is, the people behind the product are awesome, real American dream-makers. We live close by to Mt. Angel, and Karen and Tyson were just so great to deal with. Once we saw how great these worked at Octoberfest 2022, the wifey said “buy 2”, and a happy wife is a happy life………………..We have the Big Timber Elite with the safety cage and casters (thanks Tyson!) and just so everyone knows you need to make some brakes for these wheels. They roll like rollerblade wheels. I made a couple of small wedges to put in between the wheel and the caster frame to hold in place.

    Don’t hesitate to buy these heaters. Oh, and the whole team at Timber needs a shout out. You all convinced me there is hope yet to keep America strong, independent, and innovative making truly great American products! 6 Stars******

  4. Garrett Olson

    Basically obsessed.

    Incredible design that gets *extremely* hot. Quality quality quality: buy once, cry once. Great conversation piece and super unique. Love how quiet it is. Gravity fed pellet system?! Doesn’t get much better than this folks.

    I have mine bolted to my deck (Oregon) so it’s in the rain a lot. Would gladly pay a premium to have this in stainless steel as mine is developing a lot of “character” (rust). Not too concerned about it as it’s surface rust and would take decades to do any real damage, plus I’m liberally coating with in vegetable oil like you might season a cast iron pan.

    Killer product and glad to support a small business making great made-in-USA products. Waiting for a pizza oven add-on : )

  5. Cherise Hill

    I have had this stove for 3 months and every time I use it, whether it’s 25 degrees or 50 degrees I have been comfortable. It warms the deck floor surrounding the stove to a comfy level to sit on, but is cool to the touch directly beneath the stove so is safe for the deck. Minimal smoke and smells great if burning the hickory pellets! I also ordered the griddle and will not be using any other grill for my (veggie)burgers and veggies. Workmanship of the stove is amazing, and so proud to have this family in Oregon producing local, high quality stoves. Customer service is also impeccable.

  6. Michael Boltz

    We have thoroughly enjoyed our Big Timber for close to a year now. It truly has extended outdoor entertaining for us during cooler evenings here in the Puget Sound region of Washington state. The heater works great, puts out a lot of heat, no smoke, and is a conversation piece with the flame visibility. This is one of those purchases that I have not had a second thought on. Great product, responsive and friendly interactions through the purchase equates to all 5 stars!

  7. Brian Meaney

    Coming up on a full year of owning the Big Timber and I love it!!! We use it all of the time!

  8. Tim L

    I’ve had my Big Timber for a few years now… my wife would always complain about being cold while sitting around our Solo Stove Bonfire, since most of the heat goes straight up. I don’t like the look of propane heaters, and they are pricey to operate and tend not to last out in the elements. Although the upfront cost of the Big Timber is more, the benefits of using only a few dollars worth of pellets will make up for it in the long term. Plus the heat output is superior especially since we sit in low Adirondack chairs, the heat off the fire box is ideal for staying warm. On top of the warmth, the ambiance from the fire is equally as enjoyable. I will even light it in the summer for that reason, and then it’s a fight for the chairs furthest away because of how hot it is. I don’t know the owner but from following him on Instagram and seeing his made in America business grow, is admirable. Great product, I’ve even been thinking about buying a second one.

  9. Adam Schmid

    This heater is a game changer! Not only did it keep us toasty warm ALL night long in the wall tent in the middle of November in Montana. It also keeps us cozy on the porch with good friends.

  10. Monte Lauer

    What a great concept!! The Big Timber puts out plenty of heat and adds ambience to your backyard or outdoor space. I love to cook and the add on griddle attachment is exactly what I needed for grilling up breakfast on those chilly mornings. One last thing thing… customer service is top notch and it’s made locally, right here in Oregon. Thanks for such an awesome product.

  11. Chris Symanski

    Beat patio heater in the world!!! Bought it last year very easy to put together following the YouTube video. Really brings sitting outside with a glass of whiskey watching football to the next level. Everyone e that sees it loves it.

  12. Randy Barnett

    Love my Big Timber lit it the other night and it was great puts out all the heat we need here in Mississippi , having a little problem finding pellets hopefully that will improve as we get closer to winter

  13. Jon Hagen

    We bought two of these and the heat output is amazing. After curing it for the first burn. Pellets matter so make sure to her some high BTU pellets

  14. Mike D

    I’ve owned my big timber for just about a year now and it works great. When I ordered there was like a 4 to six week wait. I had hoped to have it by Thanksgiving and it showed up a week before. Right from the start I felt like I had a quality product just based on how it was packaged. Assembly was simple and straight forward. Watch the video on you tube. I purchased some pellets from local box store and cured the paint with a short burn. I then fired it up for real, but was disappointed with the heat output. I contacted the company and Tyson replied that the pellets matter. He sent me a bag from the west coast and what a difference. I live on Long Island and you have to search for good pellets, but it is worth it. The stove is super easy to operate, clean, and store. I’m amazed at how easy, and well, the glass cleans up after use. All in all a great product as long as you burn the right pellets. Look for pellets in the 8500-9000 BTU range for best performance.

  15. Tim Hein

    At first I was unsure about spending the money on a patio heater but it has been the best purchase I’ve ever made. We are constantly outside now in the evenings enjoying a fire without the smoky smell. The stove is very easy to start, almost silent and it gives off a nice orange glow to add to the ambience. Its fairly easy to move around on a flat surface, me and my wife can easily pick it up. I highly recommend the griddle and a cover.

  16. Will

    This heater deserves all 5 stars and then some. Built like a tank, very easy to assemble, shipped and delivered within 5 days. The heat output is incredible, i will normally have to keep moving myself away from the heater the longer i sit by it. Hands down the best portable/patio heater i have owned.

  17. Cory Pickeral

    This thing is incredible. We love it on our back deck, keeps us warm and creates a nice atmosphere. Assembly is pretty easy and watching the video helps. Thanks for a great addition to our deck!

  18. Shirley Young

    We LOVE our heater! We just did a deck upgrade and we’re a bit concerned about the heat and/or wood ash potentially damaging the Trexx. Has not been a problem at all! Love the warmth and ambiance of this beautiful real-wood flame! No smoke, just cozy!

  19. Evan Pierce

    This heater saved my Covid year, by providing generous heat for hosting friends many nights outdoors throughout a NorthWest winter.

    Not only is the heat output fantastic and unparalleled, but I appreciate its sustainable / renewable fuel source over fossil fuel options.

    It’s a pleasure to look at the fire as the night wears on, and an immediate conversation piece. It’s honestly made all of my neighbors jealous.

    I also picked up the griddle attachment which has proved to be another game changer. Whether it’s warming up hot fudge on a cast iron melting pot, or keeping everyone’s food at a perfect toasty temperature without going cold as we eat outside.

    And it generates so little smoke that I have no problem with sky visibility while spending a night keeping warm with it and my telescope.

    It’s honestly been the best purchase I’ve made in years.

  20. Rick Massey

    We’ve had all types of patio heaters in the past, propane, stainless steel firepit, fireplace chimneys, and none of them even come close to a heating like the Timber Heater. We can spend much more time in comfort now with a Timber Heater on our patio. We have a Big Timber with the stainless steel cage and absolutely love it!

  21. Tina

    These pellet heaters have been an invaluable addition to our covered patio during the pandemic (the roof is 3+feet above the heaters). They have allowed us to socialize outside, safely and comfortably, with friends and family on the chilliest of days and nights when we otherwise would have been isolating. We’ve received many compliments from guests. Thank you, Timber Stoves!!

  22. Mark

    I’ve had the Big Timber for about a year. This is by far the most talked about thing in my yard. It puts out amazing heat and looks badass. I love hearing everyone’s reaction when it gets going. I live in a city and never once had a complaint about smoke. This is the real deal and if a knucklehead like me could assemble it all on my own, so could you! Cheers to the Traegar Team on changing the patio heater game!!

  23. scott gleba

    I have Two the smaller one I used for a number of years I gave it my brother in-law he loves it. The larger one ran nostop for a bunch of years great heater and add the cooktop and your ready to get you cooking on.

  24. Matthew Bargren

    Wow this heater rocks cranks out some major heat!!! Looks incredible and the build quality is A+!! Thanks so much our patio is now open all the time!!!

  25. Sarah Mikkola

    Just picked the Big Timber heater up yesterday, came home put it together, and had a lovely, warm evening on our patio! We have had other patio heaters, but it was always a challenge to stay warm with the other products; this one puts out some serious heat, and you get the ambience of a fire without all of the smoke. The Big Timber is a very high quality, truly amazing product!

  26. Brian Bowden

    The big timber is the best purchase I have made in along time. I love this stove and am addicted to it. I live in the Seattle area where we obviously get a lot of rain. Was looking for an alternative to our fire pit during the winter months and was introduced to this product while visiting at my brothers. Was a little hesitant at the price but now that I have one it’s worth every penny. Still can’t believe the amount of heat it puts out using golden fire pellets. Easily heats my patio area even on the coldest of nights. The maintenance and clean-up are a bonus and easy to do. Very well made product that my whole family enjoys and perfect example of “Made in the USA” being far superior to any similar product. I would recommend (and have) this stove to all family and friends.

  27. Kevin Swint

    Soooo happy with my new big timber heater. Super well designed and built. Night and day better than any sort of typical gas patio heater. I kinda wish I had forgone the fire pit I installed at 5x the price of the big timber. The big timber is even more pleasant to sit around, and it actually keeps everyone warm as opposed to a fire pit that sends all the heat straight up. Even when not in use, it’s such an attractive visual focal point for our patio that we’ve arranged the furniture around it. Buy a cover with it! You’ll want to protect it from the elements. The griddle also is super cool, so well designed and built that the price is actually a bargain if you will use it frequently.

  28. Joseph Nadeau

    The Big Timber Heater is without a doubt my favorite purchase of 2020.

    My fiancé and I purchased our first home December 2019. I grew up with a woodstove which I loved and very much wanted with my new home; options were limited however, so it was something we had to do without. To supplement, I had been looking for an outdoor deck heating solution and only by chance a friend passed along a link to this product. In all honesty, I was put off by the price but was very much intrigued by the BTU rating and unique design, so I researched reviews and looked to see if there were similar products on the market. Any review I found was glowing (pun intended, why not?…) and competition seems to be limited to one other product which pales in comparison. I took the plunge.

    To follow suit with Raj’s review above:

    As with any conscientious shopper, I took some time to see what options were out there. I found the product had been available through several retailers, Amazon included, but stock was depleted everywhere (high demand due to State COVID regulations) so the best option was directly through Wood Pellet Products’ website. A few reviews allude to a lower listed price years passed, which was likely adjusted to match recent demand, or maybe it came up due to revisions and more expensive parts; in any case, I was happy the owner held a Black Friday sale which I was lucky enough to take advantage of. The process was akin to any online order, very straight forward, no complaints. The product description mentioned a 4-6 week lead time due to demand. My order was placed Nov. 27, so I expected it after the New Year; it shipped in two weeks and made its way via FedEx across the country (OR to MA) in seven days. The box was about 70lbs, smaller than I expected and easy enough to move around. Upon opening I found the parts arrangement was well thought out to save space.

    I’d recommend first unpacking everything and removing the protective plastic or packaging. Dump the screws/hardware somewhere safe and sort into individual groups. This will make the rest of the process much easier. Take the time to follow the directions and only use the online video as a support. It took me about 45 minutes, but that was reading every direction twice as not to miss anything. If I had to repeat the process, I’d anticipate it’d take 25 minutes or less. Unlike a few other reviews, all the parts lined up perfectly without the need to pry or bend. One thing I wish I knew during assembly and STRONGLY recommend for anyone – use gloves when assembling and handling the stove pipe. The oils from my hands has burnt and caked onto it leaving handprints and smudges which I have yet been able to find a way to clean off. This is only cosmetic, but an annoyance none the less.

    Product Quality/Efficiency:
    Being used to woodstoves, I was surprised with how much heat a small pellet-fueled unit like this can put out. I’m fairly certain it’d be too hot to run full-tilt in an average-sized home.
    We did the initial burn-in to let the paint cure – about 10lbs of pellets, the paint smoked a bit (don’t inhale that by the way) and then the unit has been basically smoke-free since. The first real night of operation was quite cold, dropping from 40F to 20F. We kept it running for over 5 hours, chairs were arranged about how you’d seat a camp-fire (same distance), there was barely any maintenance required, zero smoke, and we were all quite warm – many times shifting to avoid burnt knees. Unlike propane heaters, most of the heat comes from the box itself, heating your feet, legs, and everything else especially if you stay close. I haven’t been able to use the unit in temperatures over 45F yet, so I’m not sure how much heat is reflected off the top heat spreader.
    I’m still experimenting with pellets – so far I’ve timed one full hopper run with softwood pellets which lasted 1 hour 50 minutes. This was at 30F and the damper fully closed the entire time. Another soft/hardwood blend seems to burn hotter and slower, so heat/longevity will be attributed to pellet quality and how you adjust the damper. Despite not yet seeing the 3-4 hour runtime on a single hopper, I’m very happy filling it once every 2 hours for the heat it delivers. I have not experienced any clogging or burn-back; as long as the hopper is filled, the unit runs wonderfully, so great engineering!
    During operation, the unit is beautiful. The three sided windows provide ample light to light up the deck and reflect off trees or neighboring houses.
    The black paint has chipped or burnt off in a few places in only a 1 week’s time. Despite covering the unit as soon as it’s cool to shelter from the elements, it has already developed some rust. I plan to keep up with it, brush/grind and repaint as necessary as I very much enjoy this stove but it’s absolutely worth noting. It looks like an entirely stainless model might have been in development; I’d be very happy to purchase even just the box and replace every screw and component to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

    Like I said before, this is my favorite purchase of 2020. It’s an amazing American-made product, and I hope to continue using it for many years to come!

  29. Scott Smith

    LOVE this thing! I got my Big Timber last week and immediately put it together and did the burn-in. I did watch the YouTube assembly video and after that the build was very easy/intuitive. Since then we have used it almost every night and found that I could be on the couch outside in front of it without a jacket at all with temps in the the mid 40s. The thing is a beast – extremely well built, throws a TON of heat and it is literally the talk of my neighborhood. It totally transformed my outdoor space.

  30. Raj Makam

    Here is what I hope is a balanced review – apologies for the long format but I wanted to ensure that folks get the entire picture

    I ordered a Little Timber on their website but before I did that, spoke with somebody in customer service on ETA/etc. I was told it would ship in 2 weeks and that was perfect timing and so I went ahead with my order. But 2 weeks went by with no update which is when I called the company again. I believe Tyson Traeger (the owner) generally picks up the phone and it was the same this time around. Tyson said that they were running late with too many orders and they should/would hopefully ship soon. I understood but can’t say that I was that happy with the delay and chalked it up to obviously busy times. A week later I spoke with Tyson once again. Tyson was straightforward and direct. He said that my order of the Little Timber would take another 10 days and if I couldn’t wait, he would ship the Big Timber in a couple of days. Wait a sec! Ship a bigger unit in 2 days?? When asked what the difference in price was, he suggested that there would be no price difference and I would receive the Big Timber for the same price I paid for the Little Timber since the delay was their fault. I offered to pay more but Tyson refused – not sure what to say but Awesome and Thank you! These are times where customers are standing in line in order to purchase patio heaters and Tyson therefore didn’t have to do anything with my order but he took immediate accountability and responded quickly. I needed this heater on time since we were rganizing a couple of events in our backyard and it was important that guests were kept comfortable. I have since ordered multiple accessories and everything was shipped on time and very accurately but customer service couldn’t have been better. FANTASTIC is the best adjective to use here!

    Product Quality/Efficiency
    Based on the other reviews on this website/other places, it sure feels that most customers may be oldcomers in using pellet stoves/etc and I am an absolute novice. But at the end of the day, all that matters is whether the product works which is to keep folks warm. I purchased a Solo firepit (which apparently is one of the best of its type) and have tried multiple propane gas heaters and generally think of myself as one who has a high bar on performance expectations but also one who is greedy with his compliments. But in this case, I must say that this product is absolutely awesome. It works like a charm – heats up pretty fast, is very efficient and leaves very little ash even after a 6-7 hour usage. I have been using it over the last 3 weeks and have used it thus far on 40-44 deg days and one time at 50 deg F. In the latter case, I had to open up the dampers since it got too warm. ZERO hesitation in recommending this product for its advertised use which is to keep people warm! Clearly more expensive than a $150 propane heater but you absolutely get what you paid for! Everybody who has come by and seen this heater work wants one! And the fact that one can use $4-6 bags of pellets which are easy to store and use makes it that much better. Tyson had his team have clearly thought through every small detail and it is very emblematic of a high quality American made product. For example, even for a mundane heater cover that I purchased has a well thought of structure with a nice zip, tightening loops, etc. It is very clear to me that Tyson and his team have gone through a process of constant “evolution” by tweaking each thing in order to make it more efficient as opposed to making an assembly line product with no changes to the base version. The two wheels to “tilt and move” is a nice thought but I just purchased the four caster wheels to make it that much easier.

    Assembly + Things to improve upon
    Assembly was not easy mostly for two reasons – I am a novice and needed help but more importantly, the manual is not that good. The company leads you to a YouTube video but there is no sound for most of the video and it would have been great if somebody actually walked through assembly by explaining what they were doing. I chalk this up to a small company and these are incredibly busy times for them right now. In addition, it would also be great if they kept an electronic updated version of the manual on their website. For example, the instructions to increase the heat (by ensuring that the “fire plate” is fixed at the lower end of the range, keeping dampers closed after 10 minutes, using better BTU pellets, etc) are mentioned in a sheet of paper that came with the box and were mentioned almost as an after thought. If possible, I would request the company to have a better video for assembly with voiceover on what is being done. But like I said, I am a novice and others may not care as much!

  31. Robert Flaherty

    Fired my heater up my Little Timber today for the first time. Fantastic product! Creates a beautiful and satisfying fire without splitting a pile of wood. I love the control I have over the fire. It is simple to cut off the fuel to the fire and shut the grill down. A bag of pellets lasts for hours and cost a little over five dollars.

  32. David M

    I can’t think of another product that I would call perfect. The Big Timber is perfect. First it’s performance is exceptional. Second, it is easy to use and maintain. Third, it is extremely safe. I LOVE IT!!!!

  33. C Balda

    We have had our Big Timber for about 3 weeks now. We typically use it every 2-4 times a week. I can tell you, with 100% confidence, that if you’re considering purchasing this stove, you will not regret it!! After months of hesitation and consideration, this purchase is one of the best ever made!! We LOVE our Big Timber!!! First time we used it, it was 85 degrees at about 4ft away (it was 45 degrees outside). I am typically cold once temps hit 50-55 deg, but with our Big Timber I literally had to take off my coat and shoes cause I was so hot!
    Working withvthe company has been pleasing and they stand behind their product, 110%… as do I!!! 5 stars because there is no option for 10! <3

  34. Troy

    This heater is amazing great product

  35. Tim

    I’ve used the Big Timber stove in my 15X18 foot wall tent for the past two seasons. The temperatures were in the single digits during one season and the tent remained comfortably warm the entire night. It’s extremely easy to light and burns consistently until morning and beyond. Solidly built and easily one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

  36. Tim Dunayevich

    I just used this for the first time last night. And I love it. It is such a great product. Puts out AMAZING heat, looks so classy, and real fire is so much better than propane. The build quality is solid. It it a tank. I can move it by myself but it is heavy. I can easily see this lasting at least 10 years if you take care of it. I am looking forward to using it way more this year. Also, although it is heavy, it is easily portable so you can take it camping or to the beach or the lake. This is such a great product and I love that it is made local. I know it seems expensive but if you are at all interested take the plunge and you won’t be disappointed. Also, assembly is easy with their video on YouTube. There is no star system on this website but I would absolutely give it 5/5 stars. It is just such a great piece and talking point. There is no substitute for real fire.

  37. Cole Altuzarra

    Besides being very well built & easy to put together this thing gives off a tremendous amount of heat. It’s not only great for staying warm but it’s also visually stimulating to watch the seemingly never ending source of heat that this heater puts out. All in all I am very satisfied with my purchase and look forward to staying warm. Thank you.

  38. Brian Davis

    Not only is this stove well put togeather, it is simple and economical to use. It puts out a lot of heat and looks great doing it. There is nothing I have found that compares

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