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Lil’ Timber Outdoor Heater


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Includes Safety Cage and Casters (Free Elite Upgrade)

The Lil’ Timber is the only American made wood pellet patio heater on the market. Requiring no electricity, this heater’s flame is powered only by gravity and the venturi created from the stove pipe. The Lil’ Timber has a 60k BTU output! This radiant heat will be sure to warm you from head to toe. The stainless hopper holds 12 lbs of pellets and runs for approximately 2 hours. The new “V” Channel Fire Grate keeps the ash content concentrated downward helping eliminate ash and make the cleanup a breeze. Stop or start your Timber heater easily with the new shutoff key. A stainless steel top reflector, stove pipe, Base, American made spring handles, and stainless hardware create a clean look, perfect for any setting. Heavy Duty 14 gauge firebox and 10 gauge fire plates ensure the longevity of the product. Using Wood pellets as a low carbon alternative fuel just makes sense when compared to the price and efficiency of propane. Pellets run at a quarter of the operating cost, while producing twice the amount of BTUs. The Lil’ Timber boasts a heating radius of 10 feet, covering 300 square feet outdoors.


Featured Components

Pyramid Safety Cage provides protection and stability to the hot stove pipe

Caster Wheels make the lil timber easy to move in and out of storage.

V Channel Firepot Where pellets fall into and continually burn. Upgrade to the Deluxe Firepot for easy ash clean up and higher temperatures.

Stainless Hopper  holds 12 lbs of pellets and will run for approximately 1.5 hours. Hopper extensions are available.

3 Sided Fire Viewing Our high temp glass panes provide a mesmerizing view of man’s greatest discovery.

Top Reflector and Stainless Spark Arrestor Stops any sparks from leaving the stove pipe and reflects heat back down.

Stainless Base Ensures a sturdy heater wherever you go. Caster Wheels Are available for easy portability.

Damper Dial Controls the temperature of the heater by adjusting the amount airflow. Reach the highest temperatures with the damper dial fully closed.

Additional Info

-Dimensions 11W, 20D, and 84 inches T. Weight – 60 lbs.

-Box dimensions 28x15x29 70 lbs( Safety cage ships separately)

-Stove height 20 inches

-Can except hopper extension accessory for an additional 2 hours

-Easy start up, simply poor fire gel or charcoal lighter on pellets and light with match

-Heating stove pellets are available at all big box and local hardware stores

-Easy temperature control by dial damper at front of stove

-Shut off time:5 minutes to burn out remaining fuel once shutoff key is inserted. Additional 20 Minutes cool down after fire burns out.

-No Visible Smoke

-Distance to Combustibles: 36” all directions including above unit.

-Must Burn on a Non-Combustible surface. Heater Pads Available.

Additional information

Weight62 lbs
Dimensions23 x 16 x 26 in
Hopper Color

Original, Crimson, Maroon, Gold, Forest Green, Scarlet, Purple, Navy Blue, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow

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