Lil’ Timber® Patio Heater

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72,000 BTU Free Standing Outdoor Heater

  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • 5″ x 7.75″ & 5″ x 5″ Viewing Windows
  • 12.5 lb. Hopper Capacity
  • 10 Ft Max Heating radius
  • Virtually No Smoke
  • Non-Electric and Portable
  • Safe Enclosed Flame
  • Made in the USA
  • Wt. 65 Lbs | Dim. 18 x 22 x 84″

Ships In Approx.  1-3 Days 

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With Elite Safety Cage


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With Elite Safety Cage


Cage Ships Separately | Current Lead Time 2 Weeks

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The New Stainless Steel Firepot lasts approximately twice as long as the original mild steel firepot. The sidewalls and rod are made from a special high temp stainless steel alloy designed to withstand temperatures up to 2100° Fahrenheit. Rated for 1000 hours of use before replacement.



Provides an additional 1.5 hours of burn time. The 12 lb hopper extension sets into the existing hopper and moves the hopper lid to the top of the new extension.

  • 20 gauge stainless steel
  • Compatible w/ all Timber Heater Hoppers



Make your Wood Pellet Patio Heater even more mobile with a set of Qty 4 casters. (2) Locking and (2) non locking casters.



Our Weighted Plate bolts to the bottom of the base for any of our heater models and provides extra stability in windy conditions. The plate ads an additional 30 lbs to the stove.

  • Can be used with casters.


About Our Patio Heater

The Lil' Timber patio heater compared to a propane patio heater via thermal imaging

This is an American Made wood pellet outdoor patio heater that will keep you warm from head to toe. The Lil’ Timber is designed not only to produce radiant heat, but to provide a beautiful fire for family and friends to watch. Requiring no electricity, this heater’s flame is powered only by gravity and the draft created from the stove pipe. Using wood pellets as a low carbon alternative fuel just makes sense when compared to the high price and inefficiency of propane. Pellets run at a quarter of the operating cost, while producing twice the amount of BTU’s.

Key Features


3 Sided Fire Viewing

5″ x 7.5″ glass panels so everyone can enjoy the fire


1.5 Hour Burn Time

12 lb hopper that can be refilled during operation


10 Ft. Max Heating Radius

The biggest advantage of a Radiant Wood Fire

A Timber Patio Heater demonstrating its 300 sq. ft. heating radius
The Lil' Timber patio heater on a backyard deck

Easy Shut Off Key

Stop or start your heater at any time


Temperature Control

Use the damper dial to lower or raise temps by 250°


All Stainless

Every component is stainless except the firepot.


Easy Shut Off Key

Stop or start your heater at any time


Temperature Control

Use the damper dial to lower or raise temps by 250°


All Stainless

Every component is stainless except the firepot.

The Lil' Timber patio heater on a backyard deck

Made In America

A product you can be proud to own


35 reviews for Lil' Timber® Patio Heater

  1. Dave Swift

    I purchased my Little Timber in October 2020 and could not be happier with the stove! I recently moved to a new neighborhood with lots of walkers. I use the stove on the front porch and so many people stop and ask how it works, comment on how nice it is to see the fire, and enjoy the warmth. It’s like having a puppy, people have to come check it out.

    Last winter after one of those wicked ice storms, I put it on my the sheet of ice that was my front patio let it run for while. It melted and DRIED a nice circle around it that included the chairs and table I have out there. I ended up out front drinking a glass of wine and enjoying the fire on an otherwise dreary day.

    The stove is easy to use and can easily be stopped any time by sliding a key in the pellet chute that feeds the fire. Pellets are widely available and inexpensive at tractor supply, big box stores or farm supply stores.

    If I take the cost of the stove and divide It by the number of of times I’ve used it since October 2020 it proves to be an amazing purchase.

    Customer service pre and post sale has been amazing. In my experience, when you email or call with a question or order you deal with someone named Treager who obviously cares about your customer experience.

    Order one and enjoy the extended season.

    Cincinnati, Ohio

  2. Kris Cochran

    My Lil Timber Stove was a surprise housewarming gift from my wife when the military moved our family to Green Bay, WI. Go Packers! Originally from the Pacific NW, I saw these Timber Stoves featured through a news story one morning and I knew I wanted one! My wish came true! We LOVE this heater! It’s perfect for Wisconsin climate as it gets really cold here, for a long time. The Lil Timber gives me the ability to relax outside any time of the year. This little thing pumps out the heat (a propane heater wouldn’t stand a chance here) just make sure you buy good quality pellets. On the really cold, below zero days, I just sit closer and I’m comfortable. A huge bonus of this stove is that there is no smoke blowing in your face and your clothes don’t smell like smoke either. Definitely buy the cover for it and consider adding the casters as well as it can also be tricky to move. The weighted plate may also be a good idea if you live in a windy area. As for the customer service, I had to reach out with some questions and they not only quickly responded, they responded with answers! That’s hard to find these days so thank you for that WPP! Overall, I really love my Lil Timber and look forward to the times of year where I can enjoy it. It’s a well made fantastic product that will last my family a long time!

  3. Stephen Murray

    I purchased my first Lil’ Timber in February of 2020, it made outdoors in Chicago bearable during the late winter and early summer. It was the perfect heater to have during covid, we were able to sit outside and still keep our distance because of the amount of heat. I’ve had such a great experience with the heater that I bought a second one for my brothers birthday, best gift I ever gave him!

  4. Nancy Lane

    We bought our Lil’ Timber to keep us warm during the winter of the pandemic. Compared to propane patio heaters, Lil’ Timber provided much more heat and no need for fuel tanks. We put it on our small patio here in New England and were able to eat outdoors for Thanksgiving and well into December (though with coats). We were the envy of our friends whose more traditional heaters didn’t do the job. The cheery fire, the waves of heat…looking forward to firing it up again soon.

  5. Jonathan Curiel

    I bought a Lil’ Timer Patio Heater about 2-3 years go and have been very happy using it when I get the chance. It heats up really well and radiates heat nicely. I have to back away at times as I get way too hot! I only wish the added weighted plate was included with the heater. Without it, any cover over will act like a parachute on a windy day and can knock over the Lil’ Timer.


    We Love our Lil’Timber stove! We bought it so we could enjoy being outdoors in the cold weather. It’s amazing and WAY warmer than a propane heater. Also, we love that it is made in USA!

  7. Russ Thomas

    This heater is just what I was looking for. I really wanted wood fire in the back yard, but we are on a windy open space canyon, and an open fire just wasn’t a good solution. With the Lil’ Timber, I get the all the benefits with the peace of mind that it is all contained. Light, heat, flames! Just what I was after!

  8. Doug McIntyre

    We have had our Lil Timber for about four years and love it. We have taken it to the beach, the mountains and have used it many times on the deck here at home. It is an incredible little stove that is so much fun to gather around with family and friends. Our Grandsons love it and we love being with them around. It will be used for many years to come.

  9. Adam Herre

    Going on 3 years using the Lil’ Timber and I’ve made every neighbor envious. I live in the city limits where the fire department does not allow open burning fire pits. The first time a neighbor called to report an “illegal burn” the firefighters showed up and absolutely loved everything about it’s design and they were impressed with how well it heats an area. It is so easy to keep clean that I see this stove outlasting any and every other patio heater out there on the market. Thank you Timber Stoves!

  10. Pat Corcoran

    Our deck was not complete until we added our wood pellet heater. Not only does it keep us warm, it looks amazing with the glass windows showing the flames. We highly recommend you order one for your deck, patio etc. You won’t be disappointed.

  11. Carlton Davidson

    Bought this for my wife as a Christmas gift…it was an instant hit. Burns hot and clean. Easy to maintain and operate. The Lil Timber is our camping accessory and gets a lot of looks when folks pass by…guess they’re envious!?! lol
    Keeps the coffee mug warm and makes an instant warmth in the chilly mornings at camp …beats making a fire.

  12. Daniel Shodell

    Great construction, great customer service. We live in a very cold climate, so the heat radius is quite a bit smaller than advertised for us. Next time we’ll get the bigger version!


    It throws off a lot of heat and is virtually smokeless. As soon as I started to put it together, I could tell it was a high quality product. Everything fit as it should and all the screw holes lined up properly with no forcing or cursing. It’s nice to know American quality manufacturing is still a thing.

  14. Lane weaver

    This was something I have been waiting and wanting for a long time and is a perfect addition to my new deck. If I had to do it over again I would of went big and done it all sooner, but I was afraid of being to hot. But radiant heat I have found doesn’t work that way, it is gentle and warm.
    Thank you for the perfect addition to my household and the frosting on the cake is it American made 🇺🇸

  15. Jan Kaim

    We bought 2 of these in 2020 and they saved our family holidays so we could have outdoor gatherings in cold, Northeast weather. Everyone was amazed by the wonderful warmth and cool look of these powerful stoves. We’ve told everyone about we know about them!

  16. E Lemire

    This very uncoordinated mom put the stove together herself and instantly became the most popular person on her Westchester County, NY, block. Forced to socially distance last winter, neighbors gathered on my patio on the coldest winter nights to chat and connect. The stove was so popular that I’ve been asked repeatedly this summer if I’ll be firing it up again this winter. Heck yes!

  17. Lea Ann Easton

    we picked up our little timber last year and enjoyed it ever since. We use it on our front porch and backyard for our outside
    safe get togethers. We love it! I need to get better on pellet releases as sometimes i mess up and it looks like we are electing a new pontiff over cocktails.

  18. Mitchell Silbowitz

    Meets and exceeds expectations. Highly recommend this product.

  19. Matt H

    This thing is great. Everyone who has come to my deck has commented how much more effective it is than a propane heater.

    I have been waiting for the snow to fall to see how effective the Lil’ Timber is in melting the snow off my deck. While it does not clear the snow, it does melt it and loosen the ice making it much easier to clear the deck for my grilling and dogs – not necessarily in that order. As Ben F said, it is very good within a 6ft radius and does not generate much heat behind the hopper. I do recommend purchasing the add-on hopper as it increases the amount of pellets you can add and minimize the refilling process.

    Tyson and grew did a great job with this unit. Installation was somewhat easy. The only tricky part is the stove pipe. Be sure to remember the lower section goes OUTSIDE the collar on the heater, not inside.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the newest innovations from WPP

  20. Ben F

    Great stove. We love it. Handcrafted, quality materials, really fantastic product. It’s a focal point in our courtyard. We use it often to host small groups of friends and family outside during the pandemic. It puts out a ton of heat within a 6 ft radius (not as much behind the unit). Beyond 6 ft radius, it’s noticeably warm, but you’ll want a blanket on colder/windier evenings. Hats off to the Mt Angel crew on such excellent craftsmanship. We live in Oregon and are truly proud! Told lots of people about it, and those who’ve seen it in action are wowed.

  21. Raj Makam

    Here is what I hope is a balanced review – apologies for the long format but I wanted to ensure that folks get the entire picture

    I ordered a Little Timber on their website but before I did that, spoke with somebody in customer service on ETA/etc. I was told it would ship in 2 weeks and that was perfect timing and so I went ahead with my order. But 2 weeks went by with no update which is when I called the company again. I believe Tyson Traeger (the owner) generally picks up the phone and it was the same this time around. Tyson said that they were running late with too many orders and they should/would hopefully ship soon. I understood but can’t say that I was that happy with the delay and chalked it up to obviously busy times. A week later I spoke with Tyson once again. Tyson was straightforward and direct. He said that my order of the Little Timber would take another 10 days and if I couldn’t wait, he would ship the Big Timber in a couple of days. Wait a sec! Ship a bigger unit in 2 days?? When asked what the difference in price was, he suggested that there would be no price difference and I would receive the Big Timber for the same price I paid for the Little Timber since the delay was their fault. I offered to pay more but Tyson refused – not sure what to say but Awesome and Thank you! These are times where customers are standing in line in order to purchase patio heaters and Tyson therefore didn’t have to do anything with my order but he took immediate accountability and responded quickly. I needed this heater on time since we were rganizing a couple of events in our backyard and it was important that guests were kept comfortable. I have since ordered multiple accessories and everything was shipped on time and very accurately but customer service couldn’t have been better. FANTASTIC is the best adjective to use here!

    Product Quality/Efficiency
    Based on the other reviews on this website/other places, it sure feels that most customers may be oldcomers in using pellet stoves/etc and I am an absolute novice. But at the end of the day, all that matters is whether the product works which is to keep folks warm. I purchased a Solo firepit (which apparently is one of the best of its type) and have tried multiple propane gas heaters and generally think of myself as one who has a high bar on performance expectations but also one who is greedy with his compliments. But in this case, I must say that this product is absolutely awesome. It works like a charm – heats up pretty fast, is very efficient and leaves very little ash even after a 6-7 hour usage. I have been using it over the last 3 weeks and have used it thus far on 40-44 deg days and one time at 50 deg F. In the latter case, I had to open up the dampers since it got too warm. ZERO hesitation in recommending this product for its advertised use which is to keep people warm! Clearly more expensive than a $150 propane heater but you absolutely get what you paid for! Everybody who has come by and seen this heater work wants one! And the fact that one can use $4-6 bags of pellets which are easy to store and use makes it that much better. Tyson had his team have clearly thought through every small detail and it is very emblematic of a high quality American made product. For example, even for a mundane heater cover that I purchased has a well thought of structure with a nice zip, tightening loops, etc. It is very clear to me that Tyson and his team have gone through a process of constant “evolution” by tweaking each thing in order to make it more efficient as opposed to making an assembly line product with no changes to the base version. The two wheels to “tilt and move” is a nice thought but I just purchased the four caster wheels to make it that much easier.

    Assembly + Things to improve upon
    Assembly was not easy mostly for two reasons – I am a novice and needed help but more importantly, the manual is not that good. The company leads you to a YouTube video but there is no sound for most of the video and it would have been great if somebody actually walked through assembly by explaining what they were doing. I chalk this up to a small company and these are incredibly busy times for them right now. In addition, it would also be great if they kept an electronic updated version of the manual on their website. For example, the instructions to increase the heat (by ensuring that the “fire plate” is fixed at the lower end of the range, keeping dampers closed after 10 minutes, using better BTU pellets, etc) are mentioned in a sheet of paper that came with the box and were mentioned almost as an after thought. If possible, I would request the company to have a better video for assembly with voiceover on what is being done. But like I said, I am a novice and others may not care as much!

  22. Johny Bhan

    I have an outdoor gazebo and have tried other solutions for heat such as electric radiant heating and propane fire pit. Both have resulted in subpar results for producing heat, especially when it is windy. Given that, I decided to take a chance on this pellet heater and the results to date have been fantastic. It is fairly easy to assemble given you view the YouTube video (note: would be better to have some voice commentary on the video). The product is well built and do think it will hold up over time. We have used it on colder days and were very impressed in the amount of heat it puts out – can’t wait to try it on really cold days. We liked it so much that we actually bought this for our friends who recently purchased a cabin in the mountains. This is a great solution in areas where open fires are either prohibited or are high risk. Great product and works as advertised!

  23. Brian Miller

    Cant say enough good things. This heater does exactly what they say it does. Quality is immediately evident. All parts fit perfectly and tightly. All screw holes line up perfectly. Once in operation the heat radiates outwardly nice and even. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase.

  24. Kevin Miller

    This thing seriously is amazing. I live in California’s snow capped mountains in the eastern Sierra Nevada and I will tell you, if I could purchase this again, I would in a heart beat. Everything from the overall design, the heat output, the craftsmanship, spend your money here. I will show all of my friends.

  25. Lonnie Simon

    I have two of them. I have the big timber and the Lil timber. They both are amazing !
    I use the big timber for the patio heat and the lil timber for inside wall tent that we take elk hunting over Easten Oregon. The heat they put out is amazing. Best invention yet👍👍

  26. George A.

    This is an awesome outdoor heater! We’ve tried fire pits of all kinds and even a pellet fire ring, but this has by far been the best choice of all. Puts out great heat for our patio area and the kids and neighbors are just mesmerized by the flames

  27. Rick B.

    Was looking for something that puts out more heat than the propane patio heaters. Couldn’t be happier with this, way more heat! Most of the heat comes off the body of the heater not the top, which makes more sense anyways. Awesome to sit around with the family and enjoy the fire.

    Really well made and cheap to burn. We get a 40 lb bag of pellets for about 5 bucks and will last for around 4 hours burn time. Highly recommend!

  28. Ryan A

    This thing puts out heat. We had to back up actually which is what you want. Fully satisfied with the heat. They said the paint wasn’t cured until you heat it up. Well the front started chipping paint. Also the dial that turns up the heat falls off as it’s not secured on there. Again, these are small things I would prefer to not be issues but the heat works well and pellets are like $5 for a 40 lb bag that last for 3-4 hours. We were also looking for casters that lock so we don’t have pick this heavy thing up and move them to no avail.

  29. Rick Franklin

    Just picked one up from the factory in Mt. Angel, Oregon.

    Put it together last night. Took a little longer than expected but that was mostly due to the east wind in Gresham blowing the written instructions around my outdoor tool bench. Instructions state that you need a Phillips and a Crescent. I used a standard Phillips as well as my cordless impact driver. I used box ends instead of a Crescent and I can tell you box ends are the way to go. Two metric sizes are needed and one 3/8.

    When you put this together, you notice two things. First, the product is especially well made and will last a long time. Second, all of the holes, bolts and fixed nuts line up perfectly. No extra drilling, filing or jockeying pieces around to get them to fit.

    When I started working the damper handle around, I thought the nut was too loose on the inside so I snugged it up a bit. Don’t make this mistake. When the firebox heats up, the parts will expand and take care of the play in the damper.

    Very easy to start. I followed the instruction for the first burn and opened the damper all the way. A little smoke off of the paint as it heat cured. When I put it on full, the damper spring got a little warm. Keep a hot pad or gloves around to run the damper.

    I bought the extra package, which came with a wheel set. The wheels are a good idea as you can move the heater around on pavement even when the fire is going. This will be real handy at the OSU football tail gates.

    Plan on taking this on spring fishing camp outs and leave the chainsaw at home.

  30. David Ford

    This stove is awesome. Very simple to use just light the pellets and instant heat. Fired it up on a 40 degree night and was able to sit outside and enjoy it. Highly recommend this stove to anyone looking for an outdoor heater.

  31. Josh Dean

    Amazing heat output! Extremely satisfied with this heater

  32. J. Coy

    The heater works great, I highly recommend the hopper extension!

  33. orangeblood12c

    First off I tried to save money & bought another brand of pellet heater called the
    Q-Stove. Big mistake. Then I ordered the Big Timber & let me say that I was beyond impressed. There is more assembly on this one vs the Q-Stove but easily accomplished with the written instructions provided. Everything was well packed.
    Now on to actual usage. I was able to maintain 700 plus degree Temps running air vent wide open & 800 to 900 degree with air vent partially closed as verified by my “Milwaukee Spot Infrared Imager” with minimal input or tinkering by me.
    The Q-Stove on the other hand started off at 650 degrees plus at first & then dropped down to about 350 to 400 degree by mid burn. It would go higher but required almost constant tinkering.
    I have since given the Q-Stove to my son & ordered another Big Timber pellet heater.
    Build quality is excellent as well as the engineering behind the heater.
    Thus heater uses wood pellets for the fuel source. You can purchase these from places like Lowe’s or Home Depot for approximately $5.00 per 40 pound Bag. From my usage we were going through approximately 5 dollars per evening on about 6 hours of burn time.
    Pretty economical in my opinion.
    If you are on the fence trying to decide between this or a butane patio heater consider that a butane heater puts out heat from the top only & heat rises whereas this radiates heat from ground to top & although this costs more it will easily pay for itself in butane saved.

  34. Nichole Peterson

    Just purchased our first Wood Pellet Products heater after our friends showed us theirs. This heater is everything they say it is and more. Great quality and craftsmanship, and easy to use! The heat output of this pellet heater is far greater than a propane heater. We’ll be bringing this heater on all of our camping trips. I recommend purchasing the water resistant heater cover for storing purposes.

  35. Melissa Mitchell

    Awesome performance, great quality, was simple to put together. Next to a traditional propane patio heater there’s no comparison. I also like that you still get to watch a fire without dealing with the smoke/work of a traditional fire pit

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