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Wood Fired Cooking

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Wood or Wood Pellet Fired • No Power Needed • Open Flame • Cooktop and Oven

All In One Portable Grill



A portable cooking stove that runs on woodpellets, wood, or charcoal

The compact design of our Timber Grills allow you to take them wherever you go. In the backyard or out in the wilderness, This portable grill will get the job done anywhere. With collapsible legs, wheels, and a stow away for the stove pipe, this dynamic cooking system can be ready for transportation in a matter of seconds.

Wood Fired


a wood burning portable grill cooking a steak

Experience wood fired cooking like you never have before. A removable cooktop plate allows for open flame cooking with real wood. With the plate back on, use wood or wood pellets to bake in the oven or fry on the cooktop. Timber Grills also have the ability to use charcoal within the firebox. Now you have the capability to take advantage of what each type of fuel has to offer. A variety of flavors, burn times, and cooking methods all possible within one versatile grill.



using the cooktop and oven to make breakfast on a portable grill

Timber grills can be used in so many different ways, we have had a hard time figuring out what to call them! Portable grill, outdoor cooking stove, rocket stove, outdoor cooktop and oven, the list goes on. Take it with you or keep it in your backyard. Bake, Grill, smoke, or fry; the choice is yours. Click a link below to see what a Timber Grill can be for you.

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No electricity needed! Eco-friendly
Simple instructions made for easy assembly. Screws were stainless steel
No parts leftover! How does this happen?
Easy to transport. Sturdy handles for secure lifting and metal casters for easy loading
Heats quickly and efficiently
It has an oven! Bake, roast, and even smoke (toss in a smoker box or foil pouch full of unsoaked wood chips)
Stores well, chimney pipes break down for easy storage
Guaranteed to never fail. Heads up preppers!
Fuel is inexpensive

When outdoors, whether camping, tailgating (it actually fits on a tailgate perfectly), hunting, or poolside, breakfast is always a welcome meal. Food just seems to taste better cooked outdoors and this Gravity Grill and Cook stove is perfect for preparing meals outside.

This Gravity Grill was simply fun! Tom and I had a blast cooking on this unit. It certainly performed as advertised.

For the full review go to https://grillinfools.com/blog/2016/11/14/wood-pellet-products-gravity-grill-cookstove-and-patio-heater/


Greg Thomas

The Grillin' Fools Blog

If your obsessed with fire cooking like myself then you need this grill! Portable and efficient, the Timber Stove makes for an awesome outdoor cooking experience. To get that authentic campfire flavor, just put on the removable grill grate and cook some steaks over the fire pit. If you are missing your kitchen at home, then make sure to use the convection style oven. This makes it easy to make non-traditional camping meals like pizza or apple pie. The oven can also maintain a consistent temperate too so you don’t have to worry about always tending to the fire. Lastly, the stove is well built, small enough to fit in most cars, and easy to put together. Overall, its a great grill for any outdoor enthusiast wanting to grill on the road.

Derek Wolf


I’ve had my Gravity Grill for about one year now and I couldn’t be happier with the product. My wife and I use the cooktop and the oven all the time on our back patio. The best part is that we can throw it in the back of the truck and take it with us camping or tailgating. Go Beavs!

Tyler Ropp

Autumn Seed Co