Common Questions

Q: Can I use regular wood in my stove?

A: No. It is designed only to burn wood pellets.


 Q: Can the stove be used on a combustible surface?

A: We recommend that it only be used on a non-combustible surface such as the WPP Heat Pad, concrete, slate, tile etc…


Q: Can I use this in my enclosed patio?

A: Yes, as long as you have proper ventilation and maintain a 3′ clearance from combustibles above the top reflector. The stove pipe may also be adjusted to accommodate lower roof clearances.


Q: How do I get the pellets to start burning?

A: A god choice for fire starters would be fire gel or charcoal lighter fluid. Add 1-2 tablespoons over the top of; the pellets inside the stove after the shutoff key is removed from your hopper. Light with a long match or barbeque lighter. close the door and open the damper to allow air to freely flow to the flames. Sit back and enjoy!


Q: How do I turn the stove off?

A: Insert the shutoff key in the horizontal slot at the base of the hopper. Open the damper all the way and the fire will extinguish itself when all of the fuel in the stove burns completely.


Q: How do I clean it?

A: wipe the glass with a damp rag when the stove is cool. Scrape in-between the fire pot bars when the gap between them becomes clogged and doesn’t allow air to freely pass through. You will only need to empty the ash pan once every 4-5 uses. Only empty the ash pan when the stove is off and at ambient temperature. Throw the ash away in a safe place away from any combustibles.


Q: How much does it weigh?

A: Big timber – 65 lbs, Lil Timber – 58 lbs


Q: How hot does it get?

A: We observe an output of 90,000 BTU’s for the Big Timber and 72,000 BTU’s for the Lil Timber. The actual output will very depending on the quality of pellets you purchase. We recommend a softwood pellet with a rating of 8,000 BTU/lb or higher for optimal function and heat output.


Q: Do I have to put it together?

A: Yes, partial assembly is required.


Q: How long will a bag of pellets last?

A: you should see about 5 hours of burn time from a 40 lb bag of high quality pellets. approximate burn time for a full hopper is 3.5 hours for the Big Timber and 1.5 hours for the Lil Timber. The hopper extension will add an additional 2 hrs per extension.


Q: Can I use more than one hopper extension?

A: Yes, but we recommend you use one of our weight plates if more than 1 extension is used.