The Warmed Hearts Project

Giving Blankets to the Needy

warmed_hearts_w_textOur goal is to be good humans. in this day in age with people purchasing products and services that benefit only themselves…. Why not create an opportunity for those who can afford the luxury of our outdoor heaters, to give back to those who are less fortunate, who have no home to escape the cold. Thus, using our business platform to help people in need that may not otherwise be thought of.

We intend to donate one blanket to the homeless for every heater we sell. We have no doubt this venture will be a rewarding experience for ourselves and our customers. We have a great opportunity to warm the hearts of our customers and those in need.

At this time, the blankets will be donated to the Portland Rescue Mission who hand out blankets to the homeless every night. Surprisingly, the one thing they never have enough of is blankets. Every year they are around 70% short of what they need.  We hope we can make a difference and fill the void. We hope to someday introduce our warmed hearts project to the world. 

Purchase of blanket for donation to the homeless for $25

Heating the Homeless

Salem, Oregon