Propane vs Wood Pellets

This thermal imaging says it all. The radiant heat that wood pellets create is clearly the way to go if you want to keep your guests or customers warm.

Wood pellets outdo Propane in almost every category:

  • 1/4th of the operating cost
  • Generate twice the Amount of BTU’s
  • Head to toe heat
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Creates a real flame you can watch and enjoy

The Lil’ Timber is the only wood pellet patio heater on the market. Requiring no electricity, this heater’s flame is powered only by gravity and the venturi created from the stove pipe. With a 60K BTU output the Lil’ Timber is more efficient than any propane patio heater on the market. The stainless hopper can hold up to 12 lbs of pellets and runs for approximately 2 hours with no manual labor or attention required.