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a portable grill using biomass fuel with a cooktop and an ovena portable grill using biomass fuel with a cooktop and an oven

Timber Grill


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Live like a pioneer with Wood Pellet Products portable Biomass Grill. The Utility of this device gives you the freedom to feel at home anywhere you roam. Use charcoal, cord wood, sticks, pine cones, anything nature provides as fuel. The Timber Grill keeps you warm and fed with the same functionality as a cook stove. The Barbecue includes a Cooktop, fireplace, and an oven. With the combination of three products into one, the Timber Grill is a space saver. This lightweight device(70 lbs) has a stowaway for the stove pipe, making it compact and easy to move. Cooking a complete meal and gathering around a smoke free fire, makes the Timber Grill part of the camp. Easy to use, the Timber Grill is a campfire in a box. All you do is feed it fuel. Temperature adjustment comes from the damper dial on the front of the stove, giving you complete control of both oven and cook-top temperatures.

Timber Grill Manual 1.0


-Can accept Pellet hopper assembly to transform into the Gravity Grill.

-Can fit two 8 x 4 x 10” pieces of cord wood.

-Includes two pieces 4” galvanized stove pipe and one rain cap, a shutoff key and  two 13 x 11” grills

Featured Components

Cooktop – With 252 Sq. inches of cooking area, the cooktop is really the funnest part of the gravity grill. Who doesn’t like breakfast off the griddle in the great outdoors!



Oven – Includes two 13”x11” grills for a total cooking area of 286 Sq. inches. With Oven temperatures ranging from 100 to 550 degrees F., cooking possibilities are truly limitless.



Firebox – 35k BTU output keeps you warm and cooks your food all at the same time.




Damper Dial – Controls the temperature of the heater by adjusting the amount airflow. Reach the highest temperatures with the damper dial fully closed.



Additional information

Weight70 lbs
Dimensions29 x 16 x 29 in


  1. Tyson Traeger

    Best reliable Grill I have ever owned. Love all the cooking options. I’m not just the owner I’m a believer.

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