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A portable wood pellet grill that has a cooktop, oven, and open flame cooking.A portable wood pellet grill that has a cooktop, oven, and open flame cooking.

Gravity Grill Elite


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Built To Order: 3 Week Lead Time

The Gravity Grill Elite is a one of a kind wood pellet grill that has more capabilities than any other product out there. This portable grill can do it all: heating, baking, grilling, tailgating, camping, and so much more. With a cooktop, oven, and removable plate for open flame cooking, you can make delicious meals any way you like. No electricity needed, the Gravity Grill is powered by a wood pellet gravity fed system that supplies continuous, accurate heat with no worries. No moving parts means easy maintenance and less worry, It’s going to work every time you fire it up.

Includes: Stainless Stove Pipe and Rain Cap, Folding Legs and wheel Kit

Featured Components

Cooktop – With 252 Sq. inches of cooking area, the cooktop is really the funnest part of the gravity grill. Who doesn’t like breakfast off the griddle in the great outdoors!



cooking over an open flameOpen Flame Cooking *NEW!) – The Cooktop comes with a removable plate that can be replaced by one of the grills from the oven. Love cooking over a campfire? This is it!



Oven – Includes two 13”x11” grills for a total cooking area of 286 Sq. inches. With Oven temperatures ranging from 300 to 550 degrees F., cooking possibilities are truly limitless.



Firebox – 35k BTU output keeps you warm and cooks your food all at the same time.





Deluxe Firepot – The downward flow of pellets is crucial to the ash content elimination and the continual dropping of new fuel. Two combustion areas create a highly efficient burn. A pull out rod allows for easy ash clean up.



Stainless Hopper – holds 12 lbs of pellets and will run for approximately 2 hours. Hopper extensions are available that provide another 3 hours of run time.



Damper Dial – Controls the temperature of the heater by adjusting the amount airflow. Reach the highest temperatures with the damper dial fully closed.





  • Model: WPPGGE1.5LS Unit Dimensions: 39.5″ W x 13″ D x 75″ T
  • Unit Weight: 85 lbs
  • Unit Dims excl. Removable Stove Pipe: 39w x 13d x 24t in.
  • BTU Output: 40,000
  • Cooktop surface temps: Left side cooking surface temp range 450-650, Right side cooking surface temp range 300-550.
  • Oven Temp Range: 300-500
  • Oven grills size: two @ 13” x 11” = 286 sq in
  • Top cook surface dimension: 21” x 12” = 252 sq in
  • Total sq in of cooking surface: 538 sq in
  • Minimum clearance to combustables: 3ft

Additional information

Weight102 lbs
Dimensions29 x 16 x 29 in


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