Is It Summer Yet?

Let’s hit the fast forward button to those long summer days we all love. Taking the Gravity Grill (the only truly portable pellet grill on the market) to the Oregon coast last summer was a blast! It’s not too often you get a clear day with perfect 75 degree weather here in Oregon so we decided to take the kids crabbing on Siletz bay, which proved to be an excellent idea.

The kids were quite ecstatic once we hauled in a few keepers (Peyton gave it a two thumbs up.) and it was extremely satisfying being able to take the crab straight from the ocean to the can cooker. It doesn’t get much fresher than that! The cook-top on this pellet grill worked exceptionally well. Keeping the pot over the firebox (essentially where the high burner is) worked great! The water quickly came to a boil and our crab was done in no time. Cooking on the beach with Gravity Grill was an awesome experience that the whole family enjoyed. Summer will be here soon enough and you can bet we will be back out there enjoying the sunshine and seafood.