Pork Shoulder


3 pounds bone-in pork shoulder roast

3.5 ounces of Morton’s Sugar Cure

Barbecue sauce sweet and spicy

Apple cider vinegar


Rub the pork shoulder with Morton’s Sugar Cure.

Adjust grill to 250°.


Place the pork shoulder on the grill to cook.

Slow cook for 4 hours.

At 4 hours, remove the shoulder from the grill and place in a small disposable aluminum pan.

Mix the sweet and spicy barbecue sauce with the apple cider vinegar.

Baste the pork shoulder with the barbecue/vinegar sauce liberally.

Seal the top of the pan with aluminum foil and return to the grill.

Cook 1–2 more hours (depending on the outside temperature) until the meat is fall-off-the-bone tender.

Slice and serve, or pull apart into small pieces for pulled pork sandwiches.