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Where do creative minds go to cultivate new ideas? For me, it’s out in nature. I believe there is no greater teacher than the quiet of the woods. Once I leave the city, the troubles of daily life seem to fade away and my mind is free to ponder the things I love the most: Family, Football and BBQ!

There are truly endless possibilities when it comes to cooking on a pellet grill. Using my Imagination to create new and exciting meals has become a passionate hobby of mine.

If only there was a pellet grill that allowed me to combine my passion for creative cooking and had the portability to do it in nature, where a clear mind is sure to make amazing cuisine… Oh wait, there is!

The Gravity Grill is one of a kind in the pellet grill industry. The pellet feed system only relies on gravity, making it a portable grill that requires no electricity or constant attention. Want to talk about creative cooking? the Gravity Grill can cook in every way imaginable. It has an oven and a cook top that is perfect for pots, pans and even griddles. Imagine waking up after a night of camping and being able to cook an amazing breakfast with absolutely no limitations. Boil water for coffee, throw your skillet on for eggs and bacon – even pop a few biscuits in the oven! Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to put aside your appetite for delicious food. The Gravity Grill is not only an amazing cooking device, but it’s also a heater! Kicking out 35,000 BTU’s this baby has plenty of power to keep you nice and warm no matter the season.

Cooking in the outdoors also seems to connect us with our ancestors. The fire that cooks your food is the same that cooked theirs. Getting back in touch with nature is so important and the Gravity grill is a fun way to make that happen.